Wangi Falls

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Nr Darwin

Wangi Falls swimming hole is one of Litchfield’s most popular and easily accessible attractions. Wangi Falls is a segmented waterfall that descends from an elevation of 84 metres (276 ft) above sea level via a series of segmented tiers that range in height between 41-52 metres.

The view of the waterfalls are stunning. The swim is great as the water is so cool and refreshing. It is a breath taking experience, just totally worth the trip!!

How to get there: Wangi Falls is located in Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory and is approximately 80 kilometres (50 minutes) south of Darwin. Drive 85km south of Darwin or 27km North of Adelaide River. Look out for the large highway signs to turn off to Batchelor and Litchfield National Park. Drive into Batchelor which is 13km from the turn off. At the roundabout turn right and travel out of Batchelor for a further 6km. look out for the left turn into Litchfield National Park. From here on you continue on the road and there will be signage that leads you to Wangi Falls. It would be hard to get lost on your way to Wangi as the National Park have created very helpful signage.

Difficulty of access: 3/10 – The journey is on a sealed road, however it is a 2hr 5min drive if you are coming from Darwin.

Opening Times/Seasons: Wangi Falls is open all year round; however swimming is not always possible due to water levels. You can check here for Litchfield National Park closures due to extreme weather etc.

Entrance Fee: Free

Other Places of Interest Nearby: Magnetic Termite Mounds boardwalk, Tolmer Falls bushwalk, Lost City Rock Formations (4WD), Bamboo Creek Tin Mine

Wildlife: Several kinds of birds and kangaroos can be spotted in the area.

Places to Eat: Wangi Falls Café

Where to Camp: The Wangi Falls Camping Ground contains all amenities including toilet shower, kiosk and barbecue facilities.

Other places to Stay: Batchelor

Nearby Towns: Darwin and Batchelor

Other Swimming Holes Nearby:  Buley Rockholes, Florence Falls, Walker Creek, Surprise Creek Falls (4WD), Bamboo Creek Tin Mine, Green Ant Creek, Sandy Creek (4WD).

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