This swimming hole is on private land and by crossing this land in order to swim here you may risk prosecution.

Also, Terania Creek is an extremely sensitive ecosystem, home to the endangered Fleay’s Barred Frog, in addition to may other kinds of wildlife. It is extremely important NOT TO WEAR SUNSCREEN OR BUGSPRAY when swimming in any part of Terania Creek, or indeed in any other swimming hole or ocean. See here for more information on why.

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  1. Geoff

    Most importantly remember to leave it in the pristine condition you found it.
    Take photos, leave footprints but everything else should be taken away, especially rubbish and unwanted containers.

    Thank you for visiting but please respect our environment as the locals have done for years.

    • Rachel Lewis

      Hear, hear Geoff. Thanks for your comment. It’s so important to look after these spots, for everyone’s continued enjoyment and for the local wildlife and water quality.

    • Rachel Lewis

      Hi Eve, there is an awesome little quiet campsite at The Channon which is about 20 mins drive away. Say ‘Hi’ to Nan and Hugh for us and ask them about their amazing plant books.

  2. David Yarnall

    As a local I’m happy to share this beautiful spot provided all users treat the place with respect for the land and respect for others.
    Unfortunately there is no parking. Users especially on weekends and holidays park on the road pavement reducing the road to a single Lane on a blind corner. An accident waiting to happen. I wonder what responsibility sites such as this have should an accident occur? Perhaps publicly advertising Tehuti falls is not the most ethical thing to do considering the lack of safe parking.

  3. david yarnall

    There are no parking spaces. Visitors continually park on the road surface on a blind corner. this poses danger to visitors and locals. The falls are accessed through private land. would anyone like people crossing there house block to get to the shops or a park?

  4. Josh Rust

    Yes I agree with David – as a local resident, I find the patronage at Tehuti falls has grown exponentially and is now completely out of control. Two weeks ago we counted 23 cars parked along the road! There were 3 dogs barking and running amock, empty beer bottles, cigarette butts and rubbish including disposable nappies left on the rocks. This is completely unacceptable. While I would not hold your site entirely responsible for this I would suggest you at least have a duty of care to emphasise over and over the need for respect, both for the natural environment and for local residents. As David described there is no parking and the site is on a blind corner. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before the local council and private landowners take action to limit access to the site.

  5. Local

    I agree Dave
    We are all a bit sick of the cars parked all around the bend posing serious danger by restricting the bend so much.
    It’s a blind corner and if it’s an accident waiting to happen.
    Also please no sunscreen cream in our creeks too…..don’t use when swimming in Terania ck.

  6. Local

    Yes Dave it’s dangerous everyone parking on the corner like this and it’s an accident waiting to happen.
    Besides this is not a public waterhole as it’s on private property and if this spot keeps getting shared then even the locals will not be able use it which we pretty much can’t already as it’s being shared amongst the backpacker community.
    There are lots of public waterholes so swim elsewhere please
    And keep your sunscreen out of our creeks too please

  7. Fran from Coorabell

    Hey, I live locally and I am appalled at what I have just read re the rubbish and blatant lack of respect to this pristine area. I was told about this secret waterfall and natural pool at the dentist! We have a number of swimable waterholes on our property and near by and are amazed at the number of people who park illegally along the busy road, stay over night, shampoo hair & wash themselves in the river and leave rubbish for someone else to clean up.
    Platypus, Water Dragons, fish, so much marine wild life threatened by stupidity. A small number of tourists or transients wrecking a natural habitat.
    Can park rangers stop this illegal parking on the single lane road ? or a suggestion having a designated driver to drop off would be swimmers and return later to pick up?
    Where is the water python family or slithering eels and snakes when you need them?
    I sometimes wish there was a crocodile family in my river! (Maybe not)
    Problem solved 😉

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