Carrington Falls Pools

Budderoo National Park, 20 km west of Kiama, NSW

This is a beautiful, natural swimming spot which remains uncrowded despite being fairly well-known. The 50m waterfall is spectacular. The river spreads out into shallow pools before it drops off dramatically into the upper Kangaroo Valley below. There are several wide, shallow pools slightly upstream of the falls, followed by a deeper, swimmable area which is perfect for a refreshing dip.  It is possible (and fun) to cross the river above the waterfall by splashing through the shallow pools and jumping from rock to rock. In the bush on the other side is the entrance to a somewhat overgrown track leading to Nellie’s Glen swimming hole, which is a little further upstream again.

How To Get There: From Jamberoo or Robertson, drive to the Buderoo National Park on the Jamberoo Mountain Rd and the turnoff for the Carrington Falls Picnic Area is signposted. There is plenty of free parking here. There is a short walk down to the top of the falls with a lookout down into the valley below en route.

Difficulty of access: 4 – A short walk along a well-marked and maintained trail with some steps. There is assisted wheelchair access to the picnic area and one of the lookouts but not to the swimming pools.

Opening Times: All year

Entrance Fee: Free

Facilities Nearby: Non-flush toilets and picnic tables are available in the Carrington Falls Picnic Area. The nearest shops and restaurants are in Robertson to the North West or Jamberoo to the East.

Potential Hazards: The falls are extremely high and there is nothing to stop anyone who ventures too close from falling over the edge. When crossing the river the rocks can be slippery.

Other Activities: Bushwalking

Other Places of Interest Nearby: There are a number of heritage sites in Jamberoo as well as the Minamurra rainforest half an hour’s drive away.

Wildlife: The valley which the river runs through is full of a variety of native Australian bush plants. There are wallabies to be seen along some of the trails in the area.

Places to Eat: There are a couple of good restaurants in Robertson (our favourite was Rockabella’s tex-mex cafe) and a pub in Jamberoo, as well as plenty to choose from in Kiama.

Where to Camp: There is a very small and simple bushland campground further upstream which can be accessed via the Carrington Falls Access Road. Booking is required and you will need to bring everything with you, including drinking water.

Other places to Stay: There are a number of B&Bs, cottages and a motel in Robertson. The pub in Jamberoo offers accommodation and there is a resort in the town. The local area towards the coast offers a whole host of accommodation options in towns such as Kiama, Gerringong, Geroa and Wollongong.

Nearby Towns: Robertson, Jamberoo, Kiama, Gerringong, Geroa, Lake Illawara, Shell Harbour, Wollongong

Other Swimming Spots Nearby: Nellie’s Glen

Comments: As far as waterfalls go, this one is spectacular and fairly uncrowded.

Location Map

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