Although you will often see this waterfall on social media, the track down has been closed by National Parks for many years as it is eroded and slippery and the rocks at the bottom are slippery and dangerous.

This is not a track which is maintained by the National Parks and it is close to the cliff edge. Many people break limbs each year trying to access the lower sections of Belmore Falls and this costs time and money for emergency services, not to mention trauma to the person involved and their families. There’s also a $300 fine for leaving the authorised track.

There are many other beautiful waterfalls and places to swim in the area so give this one a miss!

Location Map

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  1. Matthew Jones

    This is a track that I’ve done before. It is extremely difficult and there’s a section where you have to climb down a 5 rock face , so you might need rope (some times there’s a rope there). Not for the faint hearted, and the water is icy but rewarding after the hard climb.

  2. Alice

    You dont need a rope, there is no rock climbing. There are some heavily worn tracks leading from behind a fence near the lookout nearest the falls (on the eastern side) that lead you to a cliff face – this is not the correct path!
    There is a safer path with sandstone steps that you can find further back from the falls. No rock climbing or bush bashing required
    Lots of rubbish down there now :(

    • Rachel Lewis

      Thanks for the added info Alice. We will put this into the description when we do the proper write-up, coming soon! What a shame about the rubbish. Perhaps we can organize a litter pick and swim meet-up down there. Would you be keen?

  3. Ralf

    I second the comment re the rubbish – I hadn’t been down to this pool for some years and was stunned at the degradation of the track and rubbish when I visited today. This track really was un touched a few short years ago, sadly no longer.

    • Rachel Lewis

      Hi Ralf, that really is such sad news. We really encourage everyone who visits this site to not only pick up after yourselves but also to take a few pieces of rubbish out with you for the team. We are doing our best to promote the Leave No Trace message but we welcome all ideas of how we can use this platform and our social media to do that more effectively.

  4. Alice Manderson

    My friends and I found the chicken wire track and tried it but it was too hard. Thanks to Alice’s comment we found the steps she was talking about at the lookout the furthest away from the waterfall (other way from the carpark). The track was in good condition with a few fallen trees and was about a 30 minute walk to the waterhole. While trying to find the track we met several other people and groups of people having difficulty finding a way down as well.

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