We’re doing this because we *heart* swimming holes. That’s pretty much what it boils down to. But if you’d like to know a little more about us then read on…

Wild Swimming Family

Wild Swimming Australia was founded by photographer Andy Lewis (who loves to explore); and trainee therapist Rachel Lewis (who loves to swim). At the slightest excuse we escape the city with our daughter Milly in search of new wild and watery locations, and what better excuse could there be than creating an online guide to wild swimming holes?

On our adventures we’ve become aware of the damage humans can cause to rivers, lakes and oceans. But we’ve have also seen the incredible potential for regeneration when people feel connected to wild places and get motivated to protect them.


Rachel is very inspired by the increasing body of research that proves the psychological, as well as physical, health benefits of being in the wild and she wants to facilitate people getting into nature however she can. Andy puts it more simply, ‘I get so much energy from showing people new places and seeing the enjoyment they get out of it. I wanted to start Wild Swimming Australia to make it really easy for people to enjoy these spots’.

We hope to help as many people as possible to feel good inside and out by by making it too easy to find awesome places to swim in the outdoors. We also hope that people will be inspired by what these places have to offer and want to protect and regenerate their local rivers, lakes and oceans.


To find out a little about the other photographers on our team have a look at Our Photographers Biographies page.


All of our profits go to charities who care for water in one way or another. See here for more info.